Next week some supporters of our campaign will be at the Ende Gelände action camp near the Rhineland coalfield in Germany. Coal mining in the Rhineland is ran by RWE, who own npower, one of the Big Six here in the UK.

At Ende Gelände – which translates as “here and no further”, i.e. keep it in the ground – climate activists from across Europe will be taking direct action to demand system change not climate change.

As the action consensus for the camp states, 
“Given the urgency of the climate problem, we consider it necessary and appropriate to go one step further than usual and carry out acts of civil disobedience instead of public protest …
Our action is not directed against RWE workers, RWE contractors or the police. The safety of the activists taking part and that of the RWE workers is our highest priority …
We will show solidarity with everyone who is resisting the climate violence of coal power and is standing up to the social and ecological consequences of fossil energy production.”

We will be publishing a bulletin for the camp, bringing updates from the UK climate movement, explaining the link between climate change and capitalism, and advocating the direction in which it would be good for the movement to develop: in particular, engagement with workers in the energy industry.

If you want to join, you still can, we head out on Wednesday – message our page for info.