Nationalise The Big Six!

Campaigning for the Big Six energy companies to be nationalised under democratic control as a step towards ending UK carbon emissions


We are campaigning for nationalisation of the Big Six energy companies as a step towards ending UK carbon emissions and for production of mass renewable energy.

The Big Six — British Gas, EDF, npower, E.ON, Scottish Power and SSE — currently profit from contributing to catastrophic climate change while making us pay extortionate energy bills (or else shiver in unheated homes).

If we are to have a hope of keeping global warming within the – already risky – 2ºC limit agreed by governments, we need massive investment into renewable energy and new ways of heating homes; and we will need to cut fossil fuels out of energy generation.

But doing those things is not profitable – and neither is cutting bills so that everyone can afford to heat their home in winter. For as long as the energy sector is run for private profit instead of social need, people and the climate will suffer.

During the 2015 Labour leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn raised the idea of nationalising the Big Six. We want to see the Labour Party commit to taking our future out of the hands of profiteering firms, and campaign with energy sector workers and environmental and fuel poverty activists for this now. The energy sector and the national grid should be run democratically, by the workers who make it run and the people who rely on it.

If you want to support the campaign, get in touch; pass a motion of support in your Labour Club, Labour Party or trade union branch or students′ union; promote our statement; help us organise a campaign event in your area; or write for our blog.

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